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My name is Julie Palmisano. I am excited to be walking with you on your journey! !

I began my journey in 1995, when I welcomed my first child, Dakoda, into this world. I've birthed six of my own children and have two adult step-children. My births were vastly different and each child had their own breastfeeding successes and/or difficulties. I've had medicated births, unmediated births, a C-Section, and a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). My last birth was a home birth with a very skilled team beside me.

At my last birth, in 2018, one of my providers called me a 'Veteran Mom'. His words grew a seed into my mind as my own fertility and child-birthing years were not standard. My Postpartum care with my last child sent me on a journey into the Birth World which made me take a vow to help new parents with evidence-based information, patience, love, and nourishment!

As a twenty-two year veteran school bus driver, coupled with thirteen years experience in the medical field as a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant), I took a postpartum training in October of 2019 with CAPPA (Childbirth And Postpartum Professional Association). I finished the training and took my time at fully certifying for birth work while still working full time at the school district, then retired after twenty-two years in 2022. My children’s ages range from 27 down to 4. I’ve had teenagers, toddlers, and infants ALL under my roof at the same time!

I am on staff at Chicago Volunteer Doulas and at Chicago Family Doulas, but do private doula services of both labor and postpartum for families.

In 2021, I became fully certified for birth AND postpartum work. I ventured out into birth work very heavily during the COVID lock downs as parents were coming out of the hospitals and birth centers with a brand new babies having slim to no family around to support them. I have experience in all sorts of birth work: NICU needs, multiples (I'm currently serving my 7th set of twins), teen pregnancy, surrogacy pregnancies, single parenting, bereavement, babies released from the NICU with feeding tubes, parents who have been diagnosed with PPD, military families with PTSD, and I am trauma Informed. I recently finished a training at the Howard Brown Center in Chicago and am properly trained to serve that community.

I just finished Breastfeeding Advocate Training through First Food Equity (FFE), and am currently taking BREECH BIRTH classes through Breech Without Boarders. I look forward to helping you reach your feeding goals if you choose to breastfeed. I can help if you wish to supplement. I can help you if you choose to exclusively pump. I will be your biggest cheerleader!

I am honored that you have chosen me as a candidate to be a part of your team! I hope you gain knowledge, confidence, and courage through your experience and have the birth or postpartum that you set out for. With the perfect team, your experience can be stellar! Best wishes on the wildest adventure ever....parenthood!

-Julie Palmisano, CPD

A New Life Doula, LLC.

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Crystal Lake, IL.

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